T&C of Sales

(i) All prices listed or quoted are subject to change without prior notice; listed or quoted prices charged will be those current at the time of dispatch of the products.
(ii) Millen Homeware Ltd reserves the right to restrict or withhold the sale of goods on credit at its sole discretion and without explanation.
(iii) Millen Homeware Ltd may in its absolute discretion allocate any sum received from the buyer towards any invoice or amount owing by the buyer, whether goods supplied under this invoice or otherwise. Millen Homeware Ltd shall not be obliged to make such allocation at the time of receipt but may do so upon any subsequent accounting between the parties.
(iv) Any quotations of delivery times by Millen Homeware Ltd are made in good faith but are estimates and Millen Homeware Ltd shall not be bound by such quotation.
(v)Millen Homeware Ltd reserves the right not to accept an order placed by the buyer, or close any credit account of the buyer.
(vi) Any claim or dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act (1996).
(vii) Millen Homeware Ltd has the right to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions by 7 days in writing to the buyer.
(viii) Errors and omissions excepted.
Updated July,2018

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